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    Hide Import URL

      My flash document loads audio via an external php document with mp3 and no-store headers.

      Firefox is displaying the location of the file being loaded in it's "Memory cache device" listings.

      I'd like to keep the url from being accessible.

      Is there a workaround? An actionscript method? Anything?

      My actionscript:

      mySound = new Sound();
      mySound.loadSound("audio.php?track=" + track + "&bandwidth=" + bandwidth, true);
      mySound.onSoundComplete = function() {javascript("GetUpdate();");};
      audio = "on";
      lower_nav.audio.slash._visible = true;

      Thanks in advance.
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I don't believe there's anything you can do in flash to change this. If data is cached by a browser in spite of attempts to prevent that, then its really the browser that's doing that, not flash.

          Apart from making it as obscure as possible I don't think there's much that can be done there, although I'm no expert.

          If its vital then perhaps you might want to investigate a streaming server implementation. Flash mediaserver or red5 etc.
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            robindean Level 1
            I'd like to make it obscure by using encodeURIComponent but can't seem to get it to return anything but "undefined".

            Is there a basic method for this with actionscript?