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    How to change source for timeline clips?


      Hello, I'm looking for a way to replace timeline clips without having to manually re-set the in/out points on the replacement clips.


      I need to replace timeline clips with clips from a different (identical) source clip -- but using the same in and out points.


      Another way to say what I'm trying to do: for a given clip in the timeline, change the reference from one clip file to another clip file within the bin structure....knowing the new source is an identical clip in all respects.


      I guess it would also work if I could just replace the original source clip somehow with another source clip in my project bins, in a way that maintains my in and out points (again, the source clips are identical and are duplicates in my bins).


      I'm very new to Premiere, so apologies if the answer is obvious to silverbacks among us.... ;-)


      +1 brownie points/eternal gratitude if someone can reveal an easy way to do this while all the said clips are offline. I'm doing a lot of the work for this project on my commute when I don't have access to the media drive. (Commuting via bus, that is -- don't worry I'm not driving and editing!)