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    InDesign Server 5.5 update color setting to  'Emulate Adode InDesign 2.0 CMC Off'


      Hi All,


      I need to use this color setting 'Emulate Adode InDesign 2.0 CMC Off' on InDesign Server. I found that my current setting (app.colorSettings.cmsSettings) is "Custom", from the app.colorSettings.cmsSettingsList I see I have the following list of available options:

      • Europe General Purpose 3
      • Europe Prepress 3
      • Europe Web/Internet,Monitor Color
      • Japan Color for Newspaper
      • Japan General Purpose 2
      • Japan Magazine Advertisement Color
      • Japan Prepress 2
      • Japan Web/Internet
      • North America General Purpose 2
      • North America Newspaper
      • North America Prepress 2
      • North America Web/Internet


      I know how to change the setting in InDesign ('Edit', then 'Colour Settings' and then change the setting to 'Emulate Adode InDesign 2.0 CMC Off'). How this can be done on InDesign Server?