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    Encore CS3 Menu Buttons only Show *Parts* of the Highlight State

    Bad Habit Studios

      Been Running CS3 with only the occasional issue for 2 years on my current Windows 7 machine.


      I have a lot of repeating video series that I do for clients so I maintain templates of menus so I don't have to "re-invent the wheel" each time I need them.


      I recently had to reformat my C: drive [KILL ALL VIRUS  MAKERS]  and re-install all of my software and now Encore is giving me fits.


      Menues that I have NEVER had a problem with in the past are now acting up.

      Highlights display properly in Photoshop and in the menu view in Encore, showing proper highlights when the "Display Active" button is selected.


      But as soon as I Preview, or export a build, the highlight cease to work properly, either only partially showing up in bits or pieces or not at all on some buttons.

      These are menues that worked perfectly as little as 2 weeks ago and now they barely work at all.


      Oh, and even thought he menues are 16:9, Encore also keeps defaulting to 4:3 EVERY TIME I import them OR I re-open a project that already has them incorporated.[?]  What gives with that?


      Any help, no matter how far out, would be appreciated.