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    Stretched Images Problem

    Yuval Sach

      Hey all,


      Since I updated animate to 1.5 I've had trouble with working with images as a div background.


      I have done this in the past, before the update, as a way to animate "masked" images.

      I set an image as a div background, set it's x,y to percentage, it's width and height to pixels, and animate the background's x value, creating a "mask" effect.

      And now, since the update, I build my objects, set my values, it seems to be working fine, and animates well, but once I reopen the file, or even save it, all the images stretchen out, the width and height values of the div's background image get set back to percetnage automatically, and basically all my work gets ruined.


      Has anyone encountered such a problem? Really need your help, any tips, ways to go pass this problem. Thanks!