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    Very Annoying FTP Problem

    Muddie Funkster

      Dreamweaver will not let me FTP to the root directory of my site but allows me to read and write to any subdirectory.  The reason, according to the FTP log is outlined below:


      < 226 Directory send OK.

      > CWD /

      < 250 Directory successfully changed.

      > CWD /images

      < 550 Failed to change directory.


      Even though I'm trying to upload a file to the root for some reason DW is trying to change directory to '/images'.  This folder is a symlink (and is picked up by DW) and I'm using passive mode:


      > CWD /

      < 250 Directory successfully changed.

      > PASV

      < 227 Entering Passive Mode (*).

      > LIST -al

      < 150 Here comes the directory listing.

      < lrwxrwxrwx    1 502      50             16 Apr 16 14:49 images -> /mnt/san/images/


      This folder is cloaked on the remote server and does not exist on my local machine so I've no idea why DW is trying to access this folder.  Permissions are fine and I can FTP to the root directory using the command line and the same FTP account without issue:


      ftp> put "foo.bar" /foo.bar

      local:foo.bar: /foo.bar

      229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||44317|).

      150 Ok to send data.

      100% |**************************************************************|   834        5.89 MiB/s    00:00 ETA

      226 Transfer complete.

      It's driving me mad because I'm using Subversion (which works fine) and every time I need to commit a change to live in the root directory I have to revert to the command line.


      So, why is DW doing this and more importantly how can I stop it from trying to CWD to '/images', which is effectively killing the FTP process?