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    A Plea to Adobe

    doug777 Level 1
      RemoteObject is poorly designed when used to interface with CFCs to get data from a database. It desperately needs some additional functionality as follows:

      Two new properties for mx.rpc.remoting.RemoteObject:

      suspendMainThread - default false. Who wants to get data and then not use it immediately? - When set to true, effectively curbs the asynchronous nature of the remote object call.

      setSuspendPeriod - default and max allowed 15 seconds - but can be set to shorter times if user prefers.

      One new property and one new method for mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent:

      preserveDate - default false. Changes the default action when converting received date/time objects so that actual time received is set as the local time i.e. all timezone information is ignored when set to true.

      resumeMainThread() - called at the end of the ResultEvent handler to hand control back to the main program. Ignored if the initiating RemoteObject's suspendMainThread is false.

      A new event for mx.rpc.events:

      TimeoutEvent - terminates the main thread and allows the user to display a suitable message such as 'Looks like someone's pulled the plug on your internet connection.' (Almost same as FaultEvent.)

      These would be so useful to avoid the ugly programming needed right now to get around the limitations of this class, which I guess was originally designed for messaging applications.

      I do hope someone at Adobe can get this on the 'to do' list asap.

      Long-suffering RemoteObject user