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    Cannot re-install CFB as plugin on Mac OS 10.8 (need manual uninstall instructions).


      I've installed CFB2 (v 2.0.1) several times before, both standalone and as an eclipse plugin (Mac OS 10.8). Was installing on a new MacBookPro (as a plugin to 64-bit eclipse 3.7), but accidetally specified a install folder I didn't want to use. I decided to re-install, but had deleted the install dir first, therefore I deleted the uninstaller. I have tried to remove every folder and file I can think of (even under the /System and /Library folders), rebooted, re-downloaded the installer to ma but I still get the following error message:


      Uninstall ColdFusion Builder Plugins: Uninstall ColdFusion Builder Plugins before installing Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 Update 1. ...


      What is the installer looking for to determine whether the plugin files are still "installed". I'm stumped. Thanks for your help.

      -- Kevin