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    Changing fonts in paragraph and character styles (AppleScript, Grep or JavaScript)

    James_233 Level 1

      I have been trying the javascripts in this discussion:

      Adobe Community: Specified font need to be changed in all paragraph styles

      but I cannot get any of them to work. I have been putting them into CodeRunner then saving them into the InDesign Scripts folder but I have specific error messages for the ones I have tried. I am wondering if they actually solve my problem anyway, which is:


      Helvetica Neue LT seems to add another LT to its description thus: "Helvetica Neue LT LT 45" instead of just "Helvetica Neue LT 45".  InDesign does not recognise this and thus when I open each file I get a list of Fonts to be found. I have dozens of styles (Paragraph and Character) in dozens of files and have changed some of the styles manually - a laborious task. The styles must be changed otherwise I am still stuck with Helvetica Neue LT lurking away, waiting for the style to be applied. So I cannot use "Find font..." in the Type Menu.


      I am changing to "Helvetica Neue LT Std" with many faces: 35 Thin, 45 Light, 46 Light Italic, 65 Medium, 75 Bold...

      from the similar faces in Helvetica Neue LT. These currently display in the Styles Menu as [Helvetica Neue LT] [LT 45 Light]


      Sometimes when I change to Helvetica Neue LT Std manually the face sticks (even though I have changed it) so I have "Helvetical Neue Ltd Std [LT 45 Light]" and I have to go through the styles again and again. This is very tedious.


      So if anyone can help me with this problem I'd be eternally grateful.


      Using InDesign CS6, MacMini 2012, Mountain Lion (though I had the same problem in Lion)