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    Flash File from Encore & BD Disc size - Will not burn in Encore

    EdwurdAdam Level 1



      I want to make a Flash File from a Blu-Ray I set up in Encore.


      I know how to do that, If I do that, will I be able to preview all of menus and links to see if everything is working correctly before I burn it?


      I went to burn it last night and it said that I had a "Code 25 Error - Not enough disc space."


      This is confusing because I was using a 25 GB BD Disc and I only used 21 GB or it (According to Encores Build Menu)


      So I went and I made an ISO folder and I'm trying to burn it on something called DVD Fab 9. We will see how this comes out or if it even works?


      Is there a better program to burn my DVD's in if I can/t burn them in Encore and I have to make ISO Files all of the time?


      Also, when I made my ISO folder it came out to be 25.71 GB, much more than what Encore was saying. When I made a  Dlu-Ray folder (same project) it came out to be 24.05 GB.


      Why are all 3 sayiong different file sizes?


      Thanks in advance for all of your help.


      Encore CS 5.1

      Mac Pro

      10 GB RAM