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    I need to know how best to import .mod files into elements 7


      I need to know how best to import .mod files into elements 7

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Also note that great improvements have been made in both .mod files and how Premiere Elements works with them. Version 11's editing of .mod files is light-years ahead of version 7's and, if you're going to be editing a lot of Everio footage, it's well worth upgrading.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Are you working with .mod standard or widescreen?


            If .mod standard, less problematic. The file just might import without issue. Worst case would probably be changing the file extension from .mod to .mpg just prior to import.


            Now .mod widescreen is another story that revolves around maintaining the 16:9 flag that scretches the video for display after encoding. Some have said that the 16:9 flag is lost in the transfer to computer; some say certain editors such as Premiere Elements just cannot read/recognize the flag. Whatever the case this is what you should consider in your Premiere Elements 7 Windows.


            a. If you need to rename the file extension from .mod to .mpg, do so prior to import.


            b. Import the .mod or .mpg counterpart into your Premiere Elements 7 project using the project preset NTSC or PAL DV Widescreen (NTSC or PAL depends on your location of interest). You will probably see that the video does not fill the space in the Edit Mode Monitor (you will probably see standard 4:3 looking image rather than widescreen 16:9 looking image).


            c. Right click the file in the Project media area, select Interpret Footage, and, in the Interpret Footage Dialog/Pixel Aspect Ratio section, dot the Conform To: and change the setting to

            D1/DV NTSC Widescreen 16:9 (1.2)


            D1/DV PAL Widescreen 16:9 (1.422)

            depending on your location of interest.


            A while back there used to be a program called SD Copy that did the job of file name change and adding the 16:9 flag prior to import of the .mod widescreen into Premiere Elements. But, I have lost track of the SD Copy and suspect that is it no longer available. I have dealt with this issue many times at a forum that I formerly frequent. Most have reported back that this workaround worked for them. It is worth a try. I am looking forward to your results.


            If you do opt to upgrade to Premiere Elements 11 Windows (please go tryout before purchase), I am eager to learn how your .mod widescreen is handled by version 11 in your computer environment.






            Add On...I just came across this download for SDCopy. It does not give the appearance of the original the link to which is broken. I have not downloaded and used the following since I do not have any .mod widescreen. So, no guarantees. Please let us know the outcome if you try it if Interpret Footage does not work for you.


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              lornamarieslade Level 1

              Thanks ATR.  I had already discovered 'interpret footage' and applied it and it was fine for converting the files to the correct ratio.  Basically I am just generally disappointed with the overall output quality of the films and was wondering if I had the best project settings and export settings.  The clips appear fine when I view them with windows media player but then the quality consistently declines until the product I end up posting online is less than good and does not do justice to all the previous hard work (I work for a charity making community films).  We work with Canon FS200 which is bottom of the line I know but I would have expected better quality than I am getting!

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the follow up.


                Focusing on the export quality...in what way is the quality of your export disappointing when viewed online or elsewhere...blurry, no sharp, jerky, other?


                a. Please confirm what you are setting for the Premiere Elements project preset. For .mod widescreen, I am assuming that you are using DV Widescreen. Have you looked at renaming the file extension from .mod to .mpg before importing the file into Premiere Elements even if you are not having problems with the import of the file?


                b. What does the rendered video clip look like in the Edit Mode Monitor before you get to the next steps, including export?


                c. What are you selecting for export? And, are you using the default preset for your choice or customizing the preset for the export, using the settings under the Advanced Button/Video Tab? Of special interest might be the bitrate settings for a given export preset. If you supply more information in this regard, I would be happy to offer some suggested settings for what you would like to do.


                Please review the above and then let me know how I might help.