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    Video_TS file empty though video plays


      I have a number of DVDs copied from VHS home movies some years back. Most of these I can import and edit in Premier Pro with no problems. A few, however, show an empty Video_TS folder, although they play just fine, including menus, in both VLC and DVD Player (MacOS). The Video_TS folder shows as empty in both the Finder and in the Media Browser.

      Any suggestions for importing these into Premier Pro would be appreciated.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          That's a new one.


          Bring the disk over to a Windows machine.  Same thing?

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            Yakman1 Level 1

            Well I'll be darned. They all show up in Windows.


            SO, next question. Being new to video editing, I am still rather low on the learning curve. It is not at all obvious how get these onto the Mac side. I dinked around a little running Windows under Bootcamp, but no deal. I presume I will need an app for this purpose since my version of CS lives in MacOS. I assume I just need to extricate the actual video files from the vob files, then I can stuff them anywhere I wish. If it matters in ease of transfer, I can run Windows native on Mac using BootCamp, or virtually under Fusion or Parallels. (Mostly I use Fusion when I succumb to Windows.) I can, of course, use a dedicated Windows box as well.


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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              It is not at all obvious how get these onto the Mac side.


              A LOT of things are not 'obvious' with Macs.  That's why I hate using them.  Since you have Bootcamp, you can use the following to covnert into a DV file.  (Choose version 5.)




              DVD Convert.png

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                Yakman1 Level 1

                Ah, the old Mac vs Windows debate.


                If I dinked around with system level stuff a lot, I'd probably prefer Windows as well, but those days are mostly behind me now.


                Anyway, when I tried to open the Video_TS folder, I get

                     OpenDVD: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.


                The files (vob, etc.) still show up in Video_TS and can be run in Windows (just like they could in Mac).


                SO... I am open to further suggestions.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I do not have a suggestion, as I have no idea why Finder sees the VIDEO_TS folder as empty, when it obviously is not. Especially being a PC-only guy, Mac things are not my strength.


                  However, I encountered similar, but in reverse, some years ago. I was doing a bunch of work with Mac Projects, and fired up my MacDrive software (something that I had not needed for some time - but did this time). It installed with it launching, at bootup. I did not notice anything, until I stuck a PC DVD-Data (installation disc), into my multi-drive - BLANK! Checked that disc on another PC, and everything was there. Glad that I did that, before I fired off a nasty-gram to the software company. Did some research, and found that MacDrive, if loaded at bootup, would hook the multi-drive, and ONLY see a Mac disc - not any Windows/PC discs. OK, simple fix - delete MacDrive from loading at bootup.


                  Now, this is but a guess, but I would suspect that your Mac is seeing the problem DVD-Videos as "PC Only," for some unknown reason.


                  Wish that I had more to offer, but I would attempt to find out why the Mac is not seeing the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder. The IFO, BUP and VOB files are not platform-centric, so I cannot tell what the problem is.


                  Good luck,



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                    belleg65375524 Level 1

                    Hi, I am fan of  Premiere too because it is the best video editing packages I have been used. But it occasionally can not identify the Video_ts, I have encountered too, and then according to my Google out of the results, I think video format is the reason of the problem. By the way, here are 3 ways can help us directly convert folders, case 1, download a free software to help us, such as http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/dvd-folder-to-mp4.htmlhttp:// case 2, burn folder to disc, case 3: play folder with famous player, such as vlc. Premiere Pro Guru is good for fixing video problem https://www.lynda.com/Premiere-Pro-tutorials/Premiere-Pro-Guru-Fixing-Video-Exposure-Probl ems/508539-2.htmlhttp://