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    Edge database interaction "Proof of Concept"

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hi all-


      I've read several posts asking about the possibility of Edge interacting with an outside source such as a database.


      Thanks to a few posts and examples here (redesign for the example of the mailto" project and Lee Brimelow for the folowing link:



      I have built a "Proof of Concept" page that, all within Edge, let's a user click a button to search a database, pulls the results and displays them within the Edge animation...


      If people are interested, I can make a complete tutorial that walks through each aspect of this, including how to easily create a JSON file for Edge to import and use...


      Here's a link to the working example.  Right now I have it limited to pulling 5 items from the database but what you see  IS live from a MySQL database!




      Let me know if anyone is interested in a tutorial for this...