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    Error preloading servlet: unable to open './user_classes'

      I've worked out a flex-application which runs perfectly on tomcat 5.5, for testing purposes, but now needs to be deployed to an OC4J instance.

      I've followed the guidelines regarding securityException en userThreads, the arguments you need to define on your JVM and this all works fine.

      The trouble I'm having now, is that I can't view my mxml-application because of the following exception:
      Error preloading Servlet
      javax.servlet.ServletException: flex-config.xml(84): Error: unable to open './user_classes'.

      I haven't reconfigured or redefined the flex-config.xml file nor have I added code inside the user_classes folder so I don't understand the exact issue?

      Searching on the internet didn't give any explanation or clue regarding this deployment-issue.

      Kind regards,