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    Discounting total amount due numeric field


      I am working on a registration form and need to apply a discount if two particular checkboxes are selected. 


      Checkbox #1 – Early registration = $1595

      Checkbox #2 – Standard registration = $1795

      Checkbox #3 – Special rate = $495

      Checkbox #4 – Optional workshop = $395

      Numeric Field – Total Payment Due


      If the user selects checkbox #1 (early) or #2 (standard), they have to pay the $395 for the optional workshop.

           Total box =

           sum (EarlyReg, StandardReg, SpecReg, WorkshopReg) <-- THIS WORKS


      If the user selects BOTH checkbox #3 (special registration rate) AND checkbox #4 (optional workshop), they do not pay for the workshop.


      So instead of $890, they will pay $495.

           Total box =



      I welcome any ideas you may have and would love to hear if you think I'm going at this in the wrong direction.

      I am new to this...would appreciate a step-by-step with syntax. Thanks!