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    Lack of weekly auto-update prevents installation of Flash 11.7

    tagsulat Level 1

      Previously every Monday, I would get a prompt to update Flash Player on start-up. Click okay, it would remind me that I'm doing this manually, then it would automatically update the version. Done in five minutes.


      For 2 weeks I've come in, and the Download button not only opens a browser(!) but asks for the re-download procedure on http://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/  -- which I have in the past reported to be inoperable for me. The downloaded exe will fail to initialize no matter if all my anti-virus and firewalls are down. Which is dangerous in the first place. You can read all my other discussions on the matter. I do have administrative access, I have been through the checklist scores of times. Let me reiterate: there is no other way to download a new version of Flash other than to use the automatic update. There were no issues with the automatic update in the past. If you're pushing security updates on us, eliminating the auto-update is not ideal. Windows XP, latest Firefox.