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    Trial Version Photoshop CS 6


      I have tried 4 times to download the trial version of this program. I have gotten error messages each time. I have loaded the assistant, cloud, and the support, and nothing works.

      The last time it siad I didn't have enough hard drive space. LOL, I have 367 GB of the 465 GB drive.


      I have taken screen caps of some of the messages and also submitted as a package, but even that was not useful.


      Where do I go from here? 


      I need this trial and was considering purchasing; but with these problems, no way.  Fullscreen capture 4292013 120601 PM.bmp.jpgFullscreen capture 4292013 115322 AM.bmp.jpgFullscreen capture 4292013 115057 AM.bmp.jpgFullscreen capture 4292013 10557 PM.bmp.jpg

      Fullscreen capture 4292013 10048 PM.bmp.jpg


      While trying to extract the files from Adobe CS6 I got the following errors..


      Fullscreen capture 4292013 12951 PM.bmp.jpg



      And as I tried to extract the files from fonts, the number just kept going up. Each time It would say at the end of the line "The file is corrupt"


      When I go back to the downloads I did get for the program and click on set up,

      Fullscreen capture 4292013 13744 PM.bmp.jpg

      I get AGAIN


      Fullscreen capture 4292013 10557 PM.bmp.jpg


      At one point while moving through your websites someone asked if I needed help and wanted to chat, I said yes, and bingo, the person was gone.


      Please I need help downloading this trial. Should I remove everything and start again? I have spent almost 4 hours already and am getting a little tired and depressed.


      I am using OS Windows 7



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          AliceSea Level 1

          It has been over a month and no one has suggested what I should do???? Also, I just got word that the trial has expired, which is funny since it was never downloaded or used. And now it won't let me download the trial again. It wants money! Money? for what? When you can't even help me get it downloaed in the first place. . What a bunch of hay! And you leave no way to contact anyone!!!

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            i don't know what the original problems were but you don't have any great options available at this point.


            the only easy option is to install the trial on a different computer.  but, if you don't have a 2nd computer, that's not a helpful option.


            to install the trial on your current computer that shows the trial expired, is problematic because there's no way to extend the trial.  you would need to reformat your harddrive, reinstall your os (and any other software you have) and then re-install the trial.