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    URGENT!!! Flex Event error - Mac OS X 10.5

      I have spent some hours working on debugging my code and this is the first time I think I found a bug that isn't mine. It appears to be a bug with Flash player 9 on Mac OS X (10.5). In short, file selections fail.

      The same .swf file works fine on windows and worked on OS 10.49 before I upgraded a few days ago. Last night I began working on the uploader portion of an application I am building and could not figure out why the uploader class I made last week decided to not work at all this week. After a good night's rest and an early start I began my debugging effort again, this time copying the compiled .swf file to my windows machine and testing it there (but only after another hour or so of googling for better examples). It worked. I tried the same file on the mac and it failed. After testing the file in Firefox 2, Safari 3, and Opera, I decided that it must be a bug introduced by the release of the new Mac OS. At the time I wasn't sure exactly what the problem was but with a little digging I discovered that the root of the problem (as far as Flex developers are concerned) lies in the failure of the user's file selection to trigger an event.

      If anyone would like to try this out please use the link below. It is not my example but it produces the same error that my code produces. If you try on a non-mac OS 10.5 system you will be able to select files and they will be added to the list. On a mac 10.5 system you will be able to select files but they will not appear in the file list.