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    ADMDialog/iFontProblemWarning=The Adobe UI font could not be loaded

    Mark Wilkins Photography

      I have been getting this error in a pop-up box every time I start Photoshop CS6 - I acknowledge the error (click OK) and startup completes with no further problems I have looked for solution on the web to no avail (I've chased a few red herrings reinstalling ADMxxx fonts with no success).I have just now removed (moved to a safe location) the "ADM" folder from the Photoshop plug-ins list and error goes away. I understand ADM is Adobe Dialog Manager but can I live without it or should I attempt to fix it?

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          Kees van Surksum Level 1

          Have the same problem and fixed it the same way. Maybe an additional information: I am running Win8 and the error message came up right after a had the latest Windows update. Or are you a happy Mac user??

          On some forums the rumour is spread, this has something to do with the amount if fonts installed in the OS. Nevertheless I had no fonts installed (or removed) between the last flawless start of Ps CS6 Ext and the upcoming error message. Just the Windows update ...


          Would be nice if we had some respons from Adobe on this...