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    Does your search results return topics with the keyword 'late'?


      I've read a few posts about issues with searching smaller (3-4 letter) keywords, but am unable to connect the information in those to the issue I'm experiencing.  I have found that when I search for the keyword 'late' (without using quotes in the RH search box), one of two things happens:  1) the search "spins" saying that it's searching and no results appear; or 2) it simply returns nothing saying that there are no topics with that keyword.  I'm currently using RH7 and I am unable to do anything to get my topics with this keyword to return.  When I test this in RH10 (which we're getting ready to upgrade to), I get "no topics found" when not using quotes around the term; but do get results when using quotes. 


      Does anyone else have similar experiences searching for 'late' in their projects?  Does anyone have suggestions for how to work around this issue short of upgrading and tipping end-users to use quotes when searching this term?


      We're using RH7 on Windows XP with Office 2003; and RH10 on Windows 7 with Office 2010.  We're generating WebHelp (not pro).