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    ISO file over 25 GB - Encore says it 21 GB????

    EdwurdAdam Level 1



      I have set up a DVD in Encore CS 5.1


      It is a 2 and a Half hour wedding with 9 Menus and animated buttons.


      When I open up the Build tab it says that I am using 21 GB and have 4 left over.


      I made an Blu-Ray ISO file and when it was done, it said that the file was 25.75 GB.


      Why would it be that much extra? I am trying to burn it in Roxio Toast, but it won't let me because of the size.


      How can I make the size smaller so I can make an ISO folder so it's around 22 1/2 GB so I burn it in Toast 11?


      Can I do this inside Encore or do I have to re-encode my 2 and a half hour wedding and make the Target Bit rate and Max bit rate a little smaller?


      Thanks in advance