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    File opened as an old version

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      I recently created a file in Illustrator CS6 (Creative Cloud version), and saved it as PDF with illustrator editing capabillities preserved. It saved fine, but when I opened the file in Illustrator CS6 again for more editing today, it gave me an earlier version of the file instead of the lastest version that I saved last night. However, the file opened correctly in Quick Look, Preview and Photoshop CS6. I've tried to make a copy of the file, and open the copy in a different folder, as well as deleting illustrator preferences, but I had no luck. Please help, I dont want to spend another 1.5 hours to redo things that I've done. Thank you!!!

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          According to my timezone, you wrote this post shortly after midnight and it's now almost 10 in the morning with nobody having replied so far. Are you beginning to see why waiting things out on a forum might not be a good idea? Neither is saving critical data to a non-native format without having a backup or incremental versions to go back to. Really do read this (for next time):


          Work File Safety


          That aside, you might try to place the file in AI to access its PDF parts or similarly, sanitize the document in Acrobat to strip the AI data and thus force any program to use the PDF content the next time you open it. Else you may also try to run AI in recovery mode and try to repair the file that way...