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    Premiere Elements 11 video editor crashing




      We just bought Premiere Elements 11 to make short (less than 5 min) videos for work. The program is frequently crashing while editing (happening on both computers, so I'm thinking it's either how it's been installed or the company firewall maybe). Sometimes we get a good run, but usually it crashes within 20 minutes of starting and then the crashes get more frequent (within a minute of restarting the program).


      Any thoughts? It's making for a painstaking and incredibly frustrating experience for me and my colleague. We're on a government server. Plenty of RAM, Windows XP.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The program isn't standard so it's not officially supported by the IT department, but we do have one super helpful person trying to figure it out, but with no expertise in the program.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Welcome to the forum.


          Usually, PrE is a very stable program, BUT there can be a lot of things (usually in the computer, the installation, or the Source Footage), that cause crashes.


          Let's start at the beginning. Take a look at this article on what info would be so very useful: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3220274#3220274


          The answer is likely in the answers to the questions posed.


          Also, take a look at this FAQ Entry, or "Crashes & Hangs," to see if something jumps out immediately: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/792580?tstart=0


          That FAQ Entry starts with a general PrE checklist, goes into tuning up the computer and OS, and finishes with a lot of troubleshooting tips, sort of working up in "degree of difficulty." Look over the first part now, and post more info on those computers, the Projects and Source Footage, before diving into the troubleshooting. There might be a quick and easy answer, just based on that info.


          Good luck,



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            VDOSurfer Level 3

            Some pointers that could help...


            I have seen Adobe apps work in my office network, and have also seen them not work. PrE does work IF all the folders it accesses have full access permissions. My understanding is that these are the folders it needs FULL access to:

            1. My Documents - This should not be in a network. This should be in your local machine and you (the user who is signed in) should have full read-write access to it.

            2. Scratchdisk - This is the complete set of folders mentioned in the Edit -> Preferences -> ScratchDisk section

            3. User data folder. - This is the set of folders that show up when you do a Start -> Run; type in "%appdata%\Adobe" (without quotes, of course) and hit Enter.

            4. ProgramData - This, I figured out by an official response in a related product forum (PsE) some years back, is where you go to when you Type in "%allusersprofile%\Adobe"


            I also should have posted my problems in the forum 2 years back, but didn't. But have now have ended up learning this the hard way. There could be other folders as well that I may have missed that the forum veterans can point you to, but these are definitely mandatory. Take the access off of one of these folders and you will start seeing inexplicable behavior.


            If these folders are not on network and they have full read-write access, we can safely rule out permissions as a reason for crashes. I am saying all this only because if permissions are a reason, there are no error messages given in the app or even a hint that THAT is the reason. And you being a corporate user, there can be desktop and network rules that IT may have enforced. They mandate ""monitoring" and "discipline". I think they call these "policies" (so you can speak in their language the next time ). You can also check if there is any antivirus or any other software running that blocks access to. or starts analyzing, files as soon as they are created, thereby locking them for use by the very app that created them.


            Oh! RAM size does not matter if it is more than 3 GB because the OS will use only so much being 32-bit, which WinXP is mostly.


            That said, the answers to questions in the previous post could lead us an entirely different path.


            Happy figuring-out!

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              ChristineOz Level 1

              Thanks to you both!


              I'll take this info to my friendly IT person and see what we can do.