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    convert my image into a vector type


      I'm trying to vectorize my image and Photoshop makes this hard, and im told AI is the better option,.

      I dont have the program and wasd wonJG logo.pngdering  if you can do it?

      Ill give you a virtual high five if you dio...



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          [scott] Level 6

          this is not the place to solicit for free work. Most here are professionals who earn a living by creating vector files. Asking them to work for free is really in poor taste.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I dont have the program and wasd wondering  if you can do it?


            Not unless there's some photos of some hot young guys posing in speedos in it... *lol* (yes, I'm a gay diva). As Scott said, asking to do work for free on a forum as this is not the best of ideas. If you really want it done free, I'm sure you can find better places like perhaps some person on DeviantArt not knowing what to do with his time and lending a hand. Still, even they will face the problem of having anything to work with - unless a much higher-res version exists somewhere in the 3000 pixels range, it basically means re-drawing things from scratch, not tracing. It might therefore be just simpler to find a suitable stock vector artwork and re-create your logo completely e.g. using the 30 day trial for Illustrator. Other than that tracing the origins of he logo back to its original creator would be advisable. This more or less simply looks like someone did just that - use a file from a stock/ clipart library and build the logo around it. Once you know what was used and the files are still available, it would be super-easy to re-crate this...