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    PC to Mac - What Codec for Quicktime?

    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

      I am putting some clips together on a PC (Premiere Pro CS5) that will be transferred to a Mac for Final Cut editing.  Question for you Mac Final Cut users...  From Premiere, I can export in Quicktime format as you probably know.  The clips will all be 720p. There are a plethora of codecs to choose from.  Some are probably old garbage that nobody uses.  What is the best codec to use?  I want to maintain very high quality (but not uncompressed) and at the same time want to give the Mac person files with a commonly used high quality codec that won't give Final Cut a fit or create a "fuzzy" final export.  I did a sample export in H264 - 720p.  It looked great, but is that a decent codec to use for editing in Final Cut?  Suggestions appreciated.