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    App Store download crashing; any fixes?


      I'm sure this question has been asked a thousand times over, but since none of the existing threads have helped me, I creating a new one. I downloaded PrE 11 off of the Mac App Store and after it installed I tried opening it but it instead gives me the classic ambiguous error message: "Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Editor quit unexpectedly." I can't tell you how annoying this is since it looks like this problem has been around for a while and absolutely nothing has been done about it by either Apple or Adobe. Apple should just take the download off the App Store without any input from Adobe. Anyway, the main console message that is thrown when this happens could help solve this:


      Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Editor[6685]: registration request failed: (0x11, 0x0) failed to compile sandbox profile: out of memory


      I've previously tried everything under the sun to get it to run. I've opened it from the folder (as opposed to the launchpad), verified fonts, logged in as the root user, repaired permissions, uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing is working.


      Don't ask people to pay thousands of dollars for your products if they don't even run.