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    Unknown Flex SDK: "Extension Builder 4.5"



      I have been investigating this for a couple of days and I can't find an answer. I licensed Extension Builder 2 and am a Creative Cloud subscriber. My ideal scenario is to build my extension with Fb 4.7. However that seems an unsupported configuration so....


      My second best option is to build with 4.6:

           I install CS Extension Builder 2.0 into FlashBuilder 4.6.

           Install seems to complete.

           I build a simple helloworld project.

            I target for CS 6.

           I select Run As Adobe Indesign Extension

      I get the error: Unknown Flex SDK: "Extension Builder 4.5"

      Sure enough, my project is targeting "Extension Builder 4.5" but this SDK is not installed. Or not recognized. Or...


      Please help. I have encountered this on two separate machines (both mac os 10.8.3) and I am stumped.