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    Adjustment Layer crash with MB Looks applied

    jvknowles Level 1

      I've been trying to add an adjustment layer to a sequence and apply Magic Bullet Looks to the layer to color correct all the footage below in one fell swoop (rather than apply it to all the clips individually). The sequence is about 7 minutes long, and is 1080p24; footage is H.264 files direct from Canon 7D (not transcoded). Every time I paste the Looks effect onto the adjustment layer it crashes the program. If I turn off the preview for the layer it's fine, but the minute I try to preview the effect it crashes the program.


      Both PPro and Looks are up-to-date, and a restart did not help. Could this simply be a matter of RAM, horsepower and trying to color correct that much H.264 footage in one go? I have an older Mac Pro (see specs below) so I don't know if it just can't handle the task. I've seen others have problems with adjustment layers -- is this the Looks plugin? Or limitations with memory or graphics card?


      MacPro 2.66 Quad Core, 12GB RAM (7GB avail to PPro), OSX 10.6, ATI Radeon 3870


      TIA, JVK