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    timeremap nested compo with 3d camera and 2d layer shifting pb




      I've got a composition with a 3d animated camera, several 3d layers and a 2d layer as background ( tga sequence render from a 3d program).


      i've pre-composed this composition and want to to a timeremap.. but when the timeremap is very fast ther is a time shift between the 3d camera and the 2d background layer that i don't have in my original sub-compo when i play 100% speed without timeremap.. May be after effets doesn't timeremap the same way tga sequence and 3d keyframed layers/camera even if there are in same compo.


      The only solution i see is to pre-render my compo but i have a lot of text and several language version to do so i'd rather find another solution, Do anyone have already encounteer the same issue or have an idea for me ?


      Thank you !