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    filereference download issue on some browsers

    redboxinteractive Level 1
      Hi, Im having a filereference download issue which is turning out to be rather elusive. I have it working great on my comp in ie, however on my comp with firefox, or with any browser on my father's computer we get the file browser popup and when we hit "save" everything SEEMS to go OK but the file doesnt get downloaded. Weve checked and re-installed all the browsers / flash plugins, and nothing has changed. No error handelers get tripped, and Ive checked the scope issue. The following is the code Im using, published to flash 8 AS 2.

      import flash.net.FileReference;
      _root.vars.fileRef = new FileReference();
      _root.functions.getit = function(){
      _root.vars.fileRef.download(" http://www.myURL.com/myList.csv", "myList.csv")

      Thanks for your help.