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    Load pictures via random?


      Hi NG,


      i will switch a flash grafic to edge.

      I have a stage where i move from outside a *png and back. But i have 10 *png´s and i load / show them randomly.


      So in flash i have a main-stage. I have there a AS and for every of the 10 *png i have a own animation like 1.swf. 2.swf...


      In the AS of the stage i go forward with random() and than it load a *swf. On the end of the animation i load via random() the next...




      My question - because im a Edge virgin - how is the way to make this in edge? Can i animate a *png on stage and than make a random() selection there to? Or can i create same way for every *png a seperate edge file and load this in a main edge stage via random?


      Is there any example how to animate a grafik and load on keyframe different image via random() - so i get glue???




      Thanks for help.