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    Getting item by string index doesn't work anymore in IDS CS6?

    dilbertje Level 1

      Hi all,


      Previous code I had written had code like : myDoc.textFrames.item("reductionFrame");

      Worked fine!


      When running this script in IDS CS6, the object is not recognized/found.

      If I use an item(0), it works fine. But I do not want to loop over all my textframes/rectangles/etc... and work with IF Else item(i).label == "reductionframe" etc.

      Also, I've noticed that there is a itemByName() but - again - no luck there.

      I have filled in the ScriptLabel for each of my objects. So when checking my data browser, I can see that each object has a "label" but no name...

      What's the difference??


      So: anyone any ideas?