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    Making Saved Copies Non-Editable


      I have developed a form that we need to send to customers for them to fill out and send to us to order services. The problem we have been having is that the customer tends to "recycle" saved copies and just change the fields they think are important. Often they end up missing a lot of important stuff and they end up sending us the wrong information. What I would like to do is force the user to save a copy of the original (which is the easy part), but I would also like that saved copy to no longer be editable, forcing the user to open the original copy and start again from scratch for each order. Is what I am asking possible?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It is hard to protect people from themselves. You have many options.


          1) Have them electronically sign the document, this could make it more difficulty for them to change the content.

          2) Create a form with a send button. The pdf file could then submit their order data to a server or via email to your company. You could save the order data on their computer incase there is an issue, but have the send button script clear the form data when finished. You, of course, would need to send them finished form back to them with an acknowledgement. Of course, what you send back to them would not be editable.

          3) You could probably create a button script locking all of the fields. See Acrobat Scripting forum.