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    Flash Player disables Soundcloud website play, embedded links work fine (and vice versa). WTF?!!


      Safari 5.19, Flash 11.7.700.169, OSX 10.6.8


      The player on SoundCloud website does not work - it loads the clip, then starts to play (the button turns to "pause" like it's playing) but the playhead does not advance - no sound.

      The same clip embedded on a different website works fine (the playhead advances, sound is coming).


      If i remove the Flash Player.plugin from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins then the player on SoundCloud website starts to work like it should, but on every other website there's the "no plug-in" link instead of the embedded clip.


      It's obviously Flash Player.plugin screwing things up so please don't start with some "have you installed..." bullsh*t - I've had my limit for today, thanks.


      Also a big F U to adobe for making people jump through the hoops with the annoying Contact support loop and then post my question twice.