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    Slow to Export

    LNPato Level 1

      I am trying to export an audio file from Premiere.
      I imported MP3 files off a digital recorder, made some edits & added some effects, and now when I try to export as an mp3, it does nothing.
      It says Rendering Media, and gives no Estimated Time...and I have been waiting at least 10 minutes now with no result. Granted, it is a 2-hour audio piece, but still, it shows no progress...


      I was having a similar problem trying to export an mp4 video that was just comprised of mp3 audio and jpg images...it sat for several minutes before it made any progress on creating the file, and I would work on other stuff and check back and there would be no progress...then I went back to it & all of a sudden it was complete.


      Does it have anything to do with the MP3's (since that's the only commonality between these 2 projects)?


      I thought it mihgt be the fact that I am exporting to our company server, but then I tried exporting it to my desktop to see if that would work, but nothing...


      Anytime I export a regular video it starts up after a few seconds, or a minute or two for longer videos, and at least shows some progress in the bar...

      Let me know if anyone has any insight into this issue.

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          LNPato Level 1

          Okay, now a 1/2 hour later, it is working on it & it is 9% done & says it will take 7 minutes to complete.
          Any reson why it has such a slow rendering time?

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            It all depends on what operating system you're using, if it's 32-bit or 64-bit, how fast your processor is, how much RAM you have which version of the program you're using and what model of camcorder your original video is coming from and what format and resolution it is.


            Also, if you're creating a slideshow based on photos or JPEGs, you'll get the best performance and fastest render times if you've resized all of your photos to no larger than `1000x750 pixels in size. Did you do that prior to importing the photos into your project?


            Though I do recommend that you use WAV rather than MP3 files for all of your audio and music. You'll get much better performance -- though it shouldn't affect your rendering time nearly as much as the other factors I've listed.

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              I am using an HP Pavilion Desktop PC P6727 with 12 Gig of Ram and the AMD Athlon II x4 640 Processor. To Edit videos with Adobe Premiere elements 11. The editing is fine, but when I try to export the video's in any format it takes about 7 times the length of the video to export.

              Since I am Rendering 2 Hour Long Video's this doesn't work very well for me. If I upgrade my computer to it's Maximum potential of 16 Gig Ram would it help?

              Also, if I was to put another hard drive into my computer would it take the rendering time down?

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Neither of these upgrades will change your render speed.


                As I said, much depends on your source video and/or if your photos are sized to no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size -- and if all your audio is in the form of WAV files.

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                  VDOSurfer Level 3

                  To see what exactly is the bottleneck during the rendering check the Task Manager to see what maxes out, the memory or the CPU. I suspect it could be the processor, if it reaches 100% during the encode, we know that the processor needs to be modified to get a better speed. The RAM - 16GB is really more than necessary to get a good editing experience. If the CPU and the memory do not max out, then we can suspect that a faster HDD (Disk I/O) could help you get a faster encode (Solid State etc.).