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    How can I resolve this weird timeline bug ?


      Hi !


      I'm currently editing a feature film, using Premiere Pro CS6. This means a lot (a loooooooot) of clips, audio et video. But for a few days now, I encounter a strange bug, occuring exclusively on the audio part of the timeline... The problem being very hard to describe (especially for a french frog like me :-) ), I made a screen print of it : http://www.flickr.com/photos/95364114@N02/8694919869/in/photostream . So three problems here :

      - The audio clips does not always match the video clips, visually I mean (when I play them, they do match).

      - The vertical red lines occurs when I move the red reading tape (sorry, I don't know the english word for it)

      - The horizontal black lines, occuring when I scroll up and down through the audio tracks.


      The thing is, if I click in the video track when this problem happens, sometimes everything comes back to normal, other times it doesn't. And even if it comes back to normal, it will happen again whenever I move through the timeline... It's more of a visual problem : if I read the clips, they are just as I edited them. But it's still a very annoying problem whenever I want to check a part of the movie, or trim a clip or whatever...


      If anyone knows any solution to this, it would be more than great !


      PS : Oh, and it's apparently not a project size problem : the project's weight was 200 Mo, I cleaned it up, and it's now weighing 85 Mo... but the issue still occurs !