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    Content Linking - Changing a font in child document

    linziloop Level 1

      Hi there


      First of all it might help if I give you a bit of background info as to what exactly I'm hoping to achieve.


      We have quite a few pieces of information in our business that are repeated across documents (so for example some wording on some technology we use, an introduction to the company, that kind of thing). My manager likes to keep these consistent, but every now and then they may change, and up until we got CS6 a few weeks ago it was a pain to try and find all documents with affected text in. When we discovered linked content we got rather excited and decided we would create a document which contained all 'common' content which we would then link to.


      I have managed to get the content linked. So I have one piece of text, I have put it in another document and if I make changes to the parent, the child flags up as out of date and I can update it. What I seem to be having trouble with is the fact that we don't always want the 'child' text to have the same font or character attributes as the parent. I change the font in the child but as soon as the parent changes it reverts back to the parent font - I expected this to happen, so I began having a play around with the 'link options', but I can't seem to find an option which allows me to change the font in the child and keep it that way even when the parent text is updated.


      Does anyone know how to do this and could you take me through it step by step?


      (On Mac OSX 10.6.8, CS6)