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    Encore 6.0.1 - Audio out of sync on Blu-Ray

    Loveppro11 Level 1

      I have been doing Blu-Ray DVDs with Encore with audio and video insync for quite sometime.

      Now my video and audio plays fine in preview from the timeline in Encore but, when I burn the Blu-Ray and play it

      the audio is out of sync by roughly 5-7 seconds.



      1. Export movie from PPRO CS6 in H.264 format for Blu-ray like always.

      2. Import movie and .acs file into Encore 6.0.1 as a timeline.

      3. Put Menu together, play the movie from start to finish in Encore preview- audio plays fine with people speaking

      4. Then, build.

      4. Drag files over to Roxio Toast to burn DVDs.

      6. Play Blu-Ray DVDs in my Sony Blu-Ray player only to find the audio goes out of sync.


      I thought the 6.01 Mac update took care of this issue?


      I did notice that the audio file is longer than the video file by a number of frames - 18 to be exact.