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    Prel. file freeze


      I have a new computer with Win7 and have recently imported dozens of video8, Hi8 and mini DV tapes with Premiere - all without a hitch. Now, following the import of a video, Premiere freezes up before creating the prel. file. The mpeg file created seems to be intact, but even after reimporting the file, the program freezes up (crashes) when trying to create a prel. Help please. Reinstallation?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          These questions below may be for a different product... but the information you need to

          supply is the same, for the products you use
          More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the

          requested information
          -Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/message/4200840

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            The answers will be in the details. Lots to consider, including whether or not one file is the culprit in the freezing or whether a multitude of factors are contributing to the issue.




            1. What version of Premiere Elements are you using? And, on what operating system is Premiere Elemens running...Windows 7 32 or 64 bit?


            2. Are your source media all SD 4:3 or other? What are you or the program setting as the project preset in the New Project Dialog for the project? At this point, is the problem confined to just one project and the introduction of one specific file? Do the problems set in essentially when you have packed the Timeline with the assortment of your source media?


            3. Especially since you write that

            "...have recently imported dozens of video8, Hi8 and mini DV tapes with Premiere..."

            What do your computer resources look like...available RAM and free hard drive space (is your hard drive space all from the Local Disk C or Local Disk C plus supplemental drive (external or internal)? Is your computer optimized (ccleaner etc)?


            4. Have you checked for preview file and conformed audio files in the Adobe Folder?


            5. Are any of your problems remedied by opening a new project or shutting down the computer and restarting it?


            6. Before considering Deactivation/Uninstall/Reinstall, please try deleting the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file which is in the Users path. If Windows 7, then

            Local Disk C






            Premiere Elements

            version number (11.0, 10.0 other)

            and in this latter Folder is the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file that you delete.


            There is a lot of troubleshooting specific to Elements that might be considered

            http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-elements/kb/troubleshoot-damaged-projects-premiere-element s.html


            Please check out the above and then we can decide what next.


            Thank you.



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              Zorrothecat Level 1

              Thanks, good to know. I'll be sure to follow this guideline should I need to post a question in future.

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                Zorrothecat Level 1

                ATR, Erasing all the pref files on the C drive did the trick (I record my video files on a different drive). I also carried out step 4 of the troubleshooting guide. That probably helped, too.  Many thanks! ZtC

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up with the great news of success.


                  Follow up is so important to us all in this learning and sharing process.


                  Continued success.