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    epub thumbnail gallery?

    Laurence Oliver

      hi there, i am creating a simple landscape fixed layout photography epub.


      the idea is that each page will display 15 or so thumbnails. when the user taps a thumbnail the relevant image will be displayed fullscreen with an overlaying caption. if the fullscreen image is tapped the caption will disappear, tapped again, reappear and so on.


      there will be an exit button to return to the thumbnail page. if that page is swiped it will take you to the next page with a different set of thumbnails.


      the idea is based around the gallery widget from ibooks author but i was unable to adapt it to my needs, so am now contemplating putting this together using indesign.


      i am a total novice to this so my questions are, is this functionality possible with indesign and what terminology do i search for whilst looking for instructions, tutorials etc?


      any info would be greatly appreciated.