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    Working with slow span columns in ID CS6


      I've created a document that currently displays the spinning beach ball for up to a minute and a half after every action I make.


      I've determined from online research that the main reason for the slow down is my usage of the Span Columns feature.


      The common solution is to not use this feature, but my layout truly requires varying columns within a single text flow.


      Does anyone have any tips about how to work around this limitation?


      I have a 60-page story with the text frames set to 2-column.


      There are 1 or 2 small essays on each page and each one's title and author lines are set to span the columns.


      I'm considering several options:

      -making the text frame 1 column and splitting the body text instead

      -recreating the document from scratch, perhaps it's corrupted.

      -making each essay it's own text frame. A pain, but would be much faster than my current document.

      -cutting the title and author and putting them inside an anchored text frame


      Any help from others who have run into this issue would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!