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    compatiblity problem with cs 5 and windows 8?


      Is there any compatibility problems with indesign cs 5 and windows 8? Its very choppy on my computer. Its a windows 8 laptop with 32 gb of ram and 2 tb disk space. It shouldn't be a problem with lack of resources. I was wondering if there is anything i can to to make it less choppy. Also the scroll bars on the side and bottom won't scroll I need to use the space bar which is fine but can be annoying at times. Sometimes the side menu boxes wouldn't work correctly sometimes they will. I tried to reinstall the program and it didn't change anything. I also tried using the windows troubleshooting where you can tell the computer to use old settings for older programs. Once in a while it'll also crash. Indesign works great on my windows 7 desktop. I didn't know if there was a preset or something that might help resolve the issues. I can use the program but I have to fight with it so much sometimes its not worth using on the laptop. thanks