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    Dvrcast application - duration reported incorrectly

    N Tyler Level 1

      We are using a Vbrick 7000 series unit to stream via RTMP to the dvrcast application running on Adobe Media Server 5.  The Vbrick is using the system uptime to timestamp the video.  As a result, when watching the video using Strobe Media Player, the duration of the video is shown as the total system uptime.  So if the Vbrick has been powered on for 5 hours, but only streaming for 30 seconds, the duration will be 5:00:00, even though there are only 30 seconds of actual content.  Is there anything that can be done in the server-side code, or even the player for that matter, to correct the duration - like referencing the timestamp at the beginning of the stream instead of assuming the start is 00:00:00?