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    Bridge button no longer in Photoshop CS6


      I have seen discussions about this subject already but so far there has not been a satisfactory answer. People are asking why the bridge button was removed from Photoshop, as we use it quite frequently to move between Photoshop and Bridge. The answer that been provided is that it was removed to make more screen room, which is clearly not true. In version 5.1 the Bridge button is located on the "file" menu bar at the very top of the screen and so it has absolutely no effect on the amount of available screen space. I think that we would greatly appreciate it if this button were put back in and Adobe would quit making excuses as to why it was removed in the first place. Clearly it was not to create more screen space.


      Also, the Bridge button is still there in InDesign CS6. So, why not do the same for Photoshop?






      ps: Or, you could always allow users to have the option of allowing it or not by adding an option to the preferances. More user control of the interface would be nice anyway.