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    cannot apply some filters to smart objects


      I run photoshop 13.0.4 through Creative Cloud, and I've just discovered that I cannot apply certain filters (such as blurs or liquify) to a smart object, even though I am told that this was "fixed" in a recent update.  Adobe app manager tells me that I am all up to date, and I can find no update available anywhere that addresses this issue.


      Any clues?

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          13.0.4 is not the Creative Cloud version. That is the stand-alone, non-subscription version which does not include the new features such as using Liquify on a Smart Object.


          The Creative Cloud version of Photoshop is 13.1.x, but you cannot upgrade from 13.0.4 to 13.1.x. You will have to uninstall what you have and reinstall through the Adobe Application Manager. Make sure you are correctly signed into your account so that you get the correct version as well.

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            Cole1881 Level 1

            Thank you.  When I subscribed to Creative Cloud, I did notice that only some of my CS6 applications upgraded, and some indicated they were already installed.  I thought that peculiar at the time, but since the whole process was automated and “hands off,” I assumed (incorrectly) that Adobe was handling everything.  Apparently not.


            I’ll figure out how to uninstall and reinstall the “proper” version.  I wonder how many other “creative cloud” apps I’ve been using aren’t really creative cloud apps?  While I generally like the Creative Cloud idea, it is not as user-friendly as it could be.  Maybe it is just the transition period, and Adobe will get things ironed out down the road.


            Still, your info is appreciated.

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              Cole1881 Level 1

              Actually, this raises another question for me, assuming I am able to Uninstall and Reinstall the Creative Cloud version of Photoshop....How do I know if some of my other Adobe apps are perpetual or Creative Cloud?  I have purchased a couple different suites over recent years, and the Adobe App Manager seems to make no distinction between the two versions.  I would like to be sure that all my Adobe products are the Creative Cloud versions, but I don't want to Uninstall and Reinstall every single one of my programs "just to be sure."  That entails lots of lost settings and having to reinstall add-ons and presets, etc.  Urg.


              Surely, there is a simpler way.  Can't the App Manager recognize what is what and update accordingly?  The whole process is a bit confusing to folks who don't work for Adobe.

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                Brett N Adobe Employee

                It is a bit of an ironing out. We're learning lessons and making improvements.


                However, uninstalling and reinstalling should not cause you to lose any settings or add ons. The uninstall process removes only the files that were created during the install process, anything added or changed afterward is left in place. But unfortunately, I'm not sure about the other applications. Everything that got the midway upgrade for subscription customers only probably will behave the same way. I'm pretty sure Illustrator falls under this umbrella, but couldn't really say about anything else.

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                  Cole1881 Level 1

                  thanks, Brett.  BTW--I found similar discussions in which users were advised to deactivate apps, quit, restart and then choose to License.  This seemed to work for me, until I got to the part where AAM downloaded the 13.1.2 update.  Download seemed to go fine, but when installing I got an error message.


                  I have resorted to Uninstalling my CS6 Production Premium entirely.  I am now in the process of installing again from AAM.  Hopefully, this laborious process will finally result in the proper Creative Cloud products installed and activated on this computer.


                  My advice, take it or leave it: if the AAM can't be modified to recognize versions and act accordingly, then perhaps clearer instructions to the End User during the install/update process would be helpful.