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    Errors when entering responses manually


      I have been encountering an error, when manually entering responses to an existing (and open) Form in Adobe FormCentral.


      We are currently collecting registrations for an annual event, and the majority of people register online (via the form). However, less than a quarter of all of the participants still use snail mail for registration. This is not a problem, it just means we have to enter them manually.


      My coworker has been entering them, and has had a number of issues. She was clicking to 'Add a Row' and then typing the information in. This worked for awhile, but has sinced caused a number of issues. For instance, she will click on the first field and start typing and the information will be visible, but then it will go blank when she clicks to enter the next field. We have tried to 'Clear Formatting' and deleting cell contents, but it just seems like there is something wrong in the program. She has stopped clicking 'Add a Row' and instead has just resorted to hitting return from the last field, which allows her to add a new row, in which she has to clear formatting before it will accept any content being added.


      This adds an extra step, which is slowing down the process considerably.


      In addition, when she is entering in longer information, if she pauses, it will automatically clear the contents of the cell. So, if she starts typing 123 Longwood Blvd, but pauses to double check spelling or the number, it disappears. She is frustrated to say the least! Is there a setting to change how long you can be active in a cell? Is there a field, much like the formula bar in Excel, where you can type the content in instead?


      Is there something we are missing? I did a few searches, and didn't see anyone else with a similar error or issue, so I have decided to start my own. I thought it might be an issue with browser, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


      Any thoughts and potential ways to fix these issues?


      Thank you in advance!