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    What is the easiest "fade out" practice for top layer element

    teloscientist Level 1

      win 7, prpro cs6

      I have a video of a person speaking on layer 1.

      I am putting slides on layer 3, with a white background for the slide on layer 2.

      I go from 0% opacity to 100% capacity over the first 15 frames to "fade in" these layer 2/3 elements, then from 100% to 0% in the last 15 frames to "fade out"


      This works great. It is also easy AS LONG AS these "slide" elements are standard lengths. 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 8 seconds, etc. When they are these standard lengths, I create a preset with the fade-in/out at the appropriate lengths, drag and drop on the elements on layer 2 and 3, and voila - it works perfectly and easily to have the slides fade in and out.


      The challenge I have is that to time the slides to the video, I move adjust them to various lengths.


      So, here is what I am doing.

      1. I drag the elements from the media browser to the timeline. They default to 5 seconds each.

      2. I drag a preset onto them "5 second fade in" which goes from 0% opacity to 100% opacity in 15 frames.

      3. I adjust the length of the clips to whatever length fits the context of the video.

      4. (I Don't like this part)  - I then go into each clip, and add two keyframes to the end, fading the opacity from 100% to 0% in the last 15 frames.


      I am hoping that there is some way to just fade out a clip through some type of drag and drop that is not proportional to the length of the clip. That way, no matter how long a clip is on the timeline, it fades in to 100% in the first 15 frames and fades out to 0% in the last 15 frames.


      Anyone got a best practice for me?