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    Reinstall gotcha

    HPaynter Level 1

      I have several challenges. First, recently the audio tracks that sound great in Audition seem to change pitch when played back in Premiere. I couldn't find the answer to this problem and decided it best to completely uninstall PP and download a new install. After several tries, the download appeared and I clicked the install button and waited only to find that some of the support files didn't get installed. After several re-tries to download again I find that the only option is to Update? Premiere. This is odd since the app no longer is on my drive. Obvioulsy this didn't work well.


      I broke down and tried an on-line chat with a "support" person who didn't have much idea of what to do (beyond what I had already tried). After another wasted half-hour I decided to try a live call for support to perhaps communicate the problem better. Well.... after two changes of "support" folks, I couldn't understand half of the Indian/English pronunciation. I'm quite tolerant, but geeze, why can't I ever talk to a support person who I can understand?


      At present I have pretty much given much hope in someone actually talking me through this install problem. I'm losing money by the minute because I have nowhere to turn. Paint me frustrated.


      Can anyone help me understand this issue so I can get back to work?