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    Problems with web video distorting @ full-screen rez...

    Bananzaman Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      this one is a little bit of a puzzle.


      I've got 3 video streams from a friend in France, delivered in seperate audio/video streams (ac3 / m2v).


      We 'marry' them together in Premiere to create an H264 MOV, with a 16:9 ratio of 768 x 432,

      about a 2 meg / sec data rate, with MP3 audio @ 44.1 / 160kbps.


      Once this is done, we letterbox them down to 640 x 480 with Sorenson Squeeze to flash FLV, compressing a 30 minute,

      350 meg MOV to about half that sise in an FLV for web streaming. 


      At 640 x 480, the movies play quite nicely, letterboxed, but as soon as you go "full screen",

      on any computer screen, they get very distorted, stretched horizontally way out of proportion.


      We're using a licenced version of FLOWPLAYER to stream the FLASH files from a content server.


      Would anyone have a clue as to how this full-screen playback could be controlled to

      play proportionally to the video rez that's rendered in the flash file?


      thanks for any feedback ...