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      I was wondering if edge produces html5 files.

      I see all produced files have JS extension and we have  on html file, kind of empty.

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The html file loads the Edge assets (actions, images,..). This is why it looks empty.

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            Ahoo110@gmail.com Level 1

            Yes, you are right.

            I wanted to know if Adobe Edge is using HTML5 to produce the output.

            I am kind of clue less about it.

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              shadowfax007 Level 1

              Technically, the .html page Edge produces is HTML5.

              Look no further than the doctype; that will tell you what HTML version is being used.  A doctype with nothing more than HTML is actually HTML5 (They did this to make the DocType simplier):

              <!DOCTYPE html>


              The edge animation, if you output to HTML, is all placed into div tags, which can be used in almost any "newer" version of HTML.  If fact, only about 5% of the HTML tags are HTML5 specific, the rest are from earlier versions.





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                Alperian Level 1

                Yeah shadowfax007. Nice name - kinda Bond meets LOTR. Someday the script might be read for a new movie release. Anyway...


                Adobe; stop it. I beg of you. What do I have to do? Please bring back Flash. Jobs is AFK. Apple are losing market share. Mozilla are bringing out a new phone. the new dawn is breaking. And above all: HTML5 cannot replace Flash. Out there the the 'RIA' is becoming dilute and tepid. there is a gaping hole. Please reconsider.


                And don't say Flash never went away. You know what I mean.

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                  shadowfax007 Level 1

                  LOL- Yes, you got the interpretation of the name correct :-)


                  As for Flash and HTML5 - HTML5 is not meant to replace Flash and never was.  The ugly truth is that Flash has a hard time running on smaller devices other than a desktop.  With the internet going the way of smaller devices, something had to be done.


                  I look at things this way.  Adobe saw this coming for some time and that "forward thinking" from Adobe is evident in the new tools, such as Edge.

                  Times move on and I see Adobe as keeping their Edge (no pun intended!)!


                  I'm still amazed at what I perceive as the complexity of writing a program like Edge that works with Web Standards - my hat is truely off to the developers and the wonderful job they have done!  I think it is one thing to write an application that you can "make up" your own standards for (most applications, including Flash) but an entirely different beast to write an application that uses other standards.  To make it work as well as Edge does (in terms of being solid) and yet having the power Edge does (In terms of design) is amazing - try writing some of the things that Edge does by hand - I sure wouldn't want to!


                  As far as Apple and "loosing market share", Mac affectionados have heard that again and again and yet look at where Apple is :-)



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                    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Seriously Flash is power/resource hungry and drains batteries on mobile devices. This is why Apple banned it. As HTML5 specs progress, it WILL replace Flash. Glad to have Edge to get adjusted to the change. If you are as old as I am, you might remember BBSes and how people discounted the Internet at first. Guess what: BBSes moved to the internet and the rest is history.

                    Just saying!

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                      Alperian Level 1

                      Obviously you guys were not flash developers. Try this:

                      http://www.pcpro.co.uk/realworld/380242/adobe-edge-animate-proves-html5-is-no-substitute-f or-flash

                      and BTW I have terrible battery drain probs on my mobiles and none of them are due to Flash Player, or the Flash plugin [obviously]. In fact well written Flash SWFs need not be resource hungry. If that were the case then maybe Air should go too.

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                        resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Well, remind me how old is Flash? and how old is Edge aand HTML5 - Let's talk about it in 10 years and see who wins! and yes I did develop in Flash.

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                          Alperian Level 1

                          You really crack me up . Winners! Winners? Sadly there are no winners.

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                            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Well, have fun! Like Seven of Nine, the Borg, would say: "We will assimilate you, resistance is futile!"